01 Consultation

Book an appointment for a one-to-one meeting to discuss your printing needs. We have a team of industry professionals who can answer all your questions and provide expertise to assist you.


02 Estimate

Once we know what you want, we will provide you with an estimate. We know that all businesses have budgets, so we’ll help you tailor your order to achieve your print goals and still meet your budget.


03 Design

Don’t have a graphic designer? No problem. Our staff of designers are ready to help you. From branding and style guides, to preparing files for print, we’ll make you stand out with a consistent and cohesive brand experience.


04 Proofing

We offer two kinds of proofs: digital and printed. If we have created or edited a file for you, nothing goes to print without your approval. Digital proofs are delivered via email and physical proofs can be shipped or viewed in-store.


05 Printing

Once we have your approval, we are ready for production! While our standard turnaround time 3-5 business days, we also offer rush printing for when you’re in a hurry. Not all orders can be completed in a rush, but we always check our print schedule to make sure we can meet your deadline. We’ll never commit to a project that we cannot deliver.


06 Completion

All done! We’ll email you when your order is ready for pickup. Stop by anytime between 9am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Can’t make it in? No worries - we also offer shipping via UPS or USPS.

Frequently asked questions

Toner is used with digital printing, which lays flat on your paper of choice. All other printing methods require the use of a die or plate.

Letterpress is printed with ink and is done with a polymer die. The colors are softened and a little mottled if the printing field is large. Letterpress presses into the page.

Foiling is created by stamping a metallic or pigmented foil into the page using a metal die. The colors are crisp and it is the only one of our printing techniques that offers a shiny metallic finish. Foiling presses into the page but not as deeply as letterpress.

Blind debossing and embossing create an impression without ink. Blind debossing stamps the impression into the cardstock. Blind embossing works in reverse, it extrudes the image from the cardstock.

We can print on paper up to 16pts thick digitally. Paper that is thicker than that needs to be printed either with offset printing or letterpressed. If we are printing digitally, we can duplex paper together to give you thick paper after the printing is completed.

Yes, we can. If you have a Pantone color value (PMS), we can match to that. If you do not have that then, you can provide us with a swatch or print sample that we need to match. Color matching is something we charge for.

We require at least a 25 units for smal print, and $25 for things like large format. However, the more your order the cost per unit will drop. Business cards are the one exception. We sell them in set amounts of 250, 500, and 1000. If you want less than that, the price for less will be the same as the 250

Yes, we have a team of designers that are ready to help you. The more guidance you provide in what you are looking for helps us to get you a design you like. We charge by the hour for design time.

Not only can we design your logo, we can also give you branding guidelines if you want. This allows you to control the look of your brand when designing websites, promotional goods, or other print collateral. We charge by the hour for design time.

We do not check for spelling, grammatical, or accuracy errors. That is the client’s responsibility. However, if we catch a misspelling or mistake, we will notify you. If we are doing the designing, we will use cut and paste for the content to minimize mistakes on our end. When we send you a digital proof for approval, please check the document for not only layout and design, but accuracy. 

If there is a mistake on our end, and a proof that was approved didn’t match what you recieved, then you have 30 days to notifiy us for a reprint. Please verify all puchases are accurate as soon as you receive your order. 

Digital proofs are provided on all files that we create on your behalf. If you have sent us the print ready file, we will print from that file without digital proofing. If you are reviewing a proof, this is your chance to check for accuracy, not just if it looks nice. We do not begin printing until we receive a signed approval form.

If you want a printed proof, please let us know when ordering. There can be fees associated with a printed proof. Just like digital proofs, we cannot begin printing until we have received your approval.

Keep in mind that every screen renders color differently. Also, monitors use RGB colors made with light, and printers use CMYK made with ink. Some colors can appear quite different from what you see on your screen. If you are concerned about how the color will look, please request a printed proof so that you can see the actual colors before production.

Standard orders, depending on complexity, will be done in 8-10 business days. During peak times, we will let you know when to expect an order to be completed. If you have a hard deadline, just let us know so we can adjust our print schedule to accommodate your deadline. This may include rush fees and not all rushes can be accomodated.

Orders are processed in order they are received (approved and paid for). If the final print approval occurs after our noon cut off, the next business day is considered day one of production. Typically, orders will be ready after 3 PM on the last production day. The last business day of production is still considered a full production day. If you need it in the morning, please let us know since that gives us one less day.

Even though you have a “small” order, there may be orders that are ahead of yours in the production schedule. Essentially, your order is “in line “waiting its turn. You will be notified by email when your order is ready to be picked up. If you need shipping, you’ll need to factor that into the time since shipping days are not included in the production days. Please plan accordingly. 

Yes, we can rush an order. We have same day turnaround and next day turnaround. Depending on our workload, rush fees may be applicable.  To be considered same day, we need at least 4 business hours to complete your job. If we are not able to meet your needs for any reason, we will let you know before committing to print your job.

Yes, we are the home of Marsupial Papers® so we have more paper options than most printers do. However, if we do not have that in house, we can source paper from numerous mills and place special orders. In some instances, they may be minimum paper quantities we have to order so that can impact the overall price, but we will let you know costs before proceeding.

Please notify us immediately. If we have not started printing your job, you can still revise your files. If we have started, we can do a reprint. We can offer you a reduced cost on your reprint in most cases.

You can cancel your order and get a refund if we have not started any work. If we have ordered paper, dies, supplies or have begun any designing, then you can get a partial refund. Once printing has begun, there are no refunds.

You can place an order by calling, emailing, or coming into the shop. We will have online ordering soon where you can upload files and pay online. If you are reordering, an email is the quickest, and let us know that the job is a reprint. 

We prefer PDFs, AI, EPS files. It is best to have all fonts outlined so we don’t have any font rendering issues when we print your job. We can also take TIF, PNG, JPEG, GIF file. Please make sure that they are print ready, meaning they have a bleed if needed, and are 300 DPI at full size. If you send a flatten file like a JPEG that is small and want it scaled larger, the image will likely degrade and lose the crisp/sharpness of the images and text. Send what you have, and we can let you know if we will have any production problems before printing.

A print ready file is sized to be the size you want the print to be. If there is a bleed, you will need to add a .125” bleed all the way around. For example, if you want an 8.5” x 5.5” print, you should be sending a file that is 8.75” x 5.75”. The file should also have text, logos, and important information set in from the cut edge by at least .125 to prevent loss during the cutting process.  Files need to be 300 DPI. Fonts should either be outlined, or you send the font files as attachments along with the submission.

We get this question all the time and we are happy to make recommendations. Printing is printing, but the paper is what sets the print apart. Choose the wrong paper for a job, and it will disappoint you. Same print, but the right paper, elevates the final product to feel and look its best. If you have a paper you like from a past job, but don’t know what it is, bring it in, or mail it to us, and we will use our skills to find out what it is.

For most prints, paper is white, so paper does the work of white. If you are printing a navy background with white text for instance, the white text is where the paper shows through with no ink. However, if you want the paper to be navy, then we DO have white toner that is opaque and prints on dark colors.

No, we do not typically print on letter size paper. Our printers take much larger sheets, and we have templates and cutting programs. We prefer that you only send a single file at the size you need. We’ll do the layout on the page to optimize the space.  

No, we use our own shipping account. This allows us to get a great shipping rate that we can pass on to you. We typically get a much more competitive rate than you will, due to our high shipping volumes. We use UPS and USPS exclusively. If you are ordering invitations, a signature is required when it is being delivered.

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About Perfect Press Invitations

Perfect Press  |  is a Seattle-area stationer with a long history of elegant and innovative design. We are the home of Marsupial Papers®, which allows us to showcase a wide variety of fine papers, envelopes, and pouches. This, combined with the printing abilities of Perfect Press, give us the flexibility to design and print just about anything you can dream up.

Our Team  |  includes visionary graphic designers and print professionals that are here to help you come up with the perfect stationery for your event. We love delighting our customers with invitations that are uniquely theirs and of the highest quality. We believe that no detail is too small for us to handle.

Our Customers  |  range from brides and families coming to us for their special occasions and printing needs, to event planners that trust us to work with their clients. We are not limited by where you are located since we print for customers all over the country.

Why us?  |  we understand that when you come to us to print your special occasion stationery, that your event is for an important milestone in your life. We want nothing more than to ensure that we make your invitation and printed pieces feel just as elegant and memorable as your special day. We understand everyone has a budget and we can work with you to give you the look you want at the budget you set.

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